future plans

Hi! I have a lot of plans for this year, about work and personal life. Some of you probably have me heard to talk about me being deaf and awaiting for surgery (again)… and finally it is going to happen sometime between February and May, maybe, which means that I can’t make too much plans until I know my surgery date and until I recover from it (adapting to the prosthesis and “noises” might take some time). That also means that I’m not sure if I will be able to attend Dolly Day event this year either T_T I’m sorry!


Now talking about more doll relevant things:

Maybe you have already seen on instagram the new head I’m working at the moment, I called him Ethan. It is not finished yet but it should be soon… I just need to finish packing all Kaylar orders first, to have some working space on my desk.

I really hope you like this new boy, I really enjoyed sculpting him and I think it is a good sample of the evolution of my style.


I was also working on a re-release of Kai… but since I had to fix some damages on the surface and have no self-control when I’m sculpting… I ended adding some small changes to the original sculpt. I hope you still like him!

And last but no least, I’m working on a MSD doll head… yes! but that is for later, so no preview of it yet.