Another mini-Kamu preorder

Hello my dear customers, first of all I want to apologize for the problem with the countdown announcing the time for mini-Kamu release. It seems it wasn’t showing the same hour worldwide and it was confusing T_T I’m really sorry for that trouble!! I wasn’t aware of it, and I feel  so bad that it made many people to miss the real time of the sale. Next time I will calculate manually the hour in different countries to avoid this problem.

Since many people wasn’t able to get mini-Kamu because they got sold very quick, would you like that I open a preorder for mini-Kamu again next month? but this time it would be a real preorder and the dolls wouldn’t be in-stock as usual, so the waiting time for them would be around 3 months. This is the only way I could order  the right amount of dolls.

I would appreciate if you leave a comment here if you are interested in a new preorder, thanks!


The date for the NEXT PREORDER is from March 1st to March 5th

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