Schedule 2018

(this is estimated and might change)


January February March April
  • 27th – Kaylar
  • 3rd – Kamu
  • 14th – André
May June July August
  • 27th – Ethan
  • 8th – Kai II
  • 5th – Maya (1 doll)
  • Kai (in-stock)
  • Ethan (in-stock)
September October November December
  • Kaylar
  • 22nd – Jelle
  • 3rd – Kaylar
  • Kamu or Ethan?



Doll events:

due health reasons (I have hearing loss) I’m not able to assist this year either to Dolly Day in Barcelona and Ldoll in Lyon, and I don’t have plans to assist any doll event by now this year. Thanks for your understanding.