Resin colors

IMPORTANT : Since the dolls are handmade and produced at different times, each batch can be slightly different in color. My casting company can’t guarantee me an exact color match. Please take it in consideration.

*I have used different casting companies since our start in 2011. Dolls previous 2015 can have different colors.



Colors Gallery

About color matchs:

  • LR normal is similar to: Luts normal, IOS normal, DZ pink (*sometimes), Switch… and most normal skin colors that have a very pale pink tone.
  • LR yellow is similar to: Volks normal, Popodoll normal, Loongsoul yellow, Spiritdoll normal… also can match Luts or Switch normal skin from previous years, especially if the bodies have a yellow tone.
  • LR tan is similar to Iplehouse Real skin, Luts brown (it is more olive tone), Myoudoll coffe (is paler), Dollfamily-H (it is a bit more orange).

*this is for guidance only. This does not mean that these are the only compatible colors or that the match is perfect.

All LittleRebel colors:

  • 2011 Oriental skin (Dollshe) – Shinji
  • 2011 fresh skin (Dollshe) – Shinji
  • 2012~2014 normal (Fdoll pale normal was more yellow tone then)
  • LR normal (Fdoll pale normal)
  • LR yellow-normal (Fdoll normal)
  • LR tan skin (Fdoll special color #17) *this resin is slightly translucent
  • LR white (discontinued) (Fdoll white)
  • LR brown (discontinued) – custom color
  • LR toffee (discontinued) – Fdoll light tan
  • LR peach (discontinued) – haru peach