Frequently Asked Questions

What are BJD?

They are “ball-jointed dolls”, handmade art dolls made of polyurethane resin. They are articulated, very posable and customizable, so every doll can be unique. They are not toys for children.

What resin color match LittleRebel?

I have comparison pictures in the gallery

Since dolls are handmade each batch can be slightly different in colour (and my casting company colours changes a bit from batch to batch). I can’t guarantee an exact match with other companies but I try that LR normal has a similar colour to most standard resins.

What bodies do you recommend for your 1/3 heads?

Depends of the head, each one is slightly different in size, some looks better in 60cm bodies and other in 65cm bodies. I try to make them to fit in a wide variety of different bodies so you can chose the style you prefer for them. Please refer to each doll page to see sample pictures of the doll head with different bodies.

Will you sell bodies for your 1/3 heads?

I’m making one but honestly I don’t have plans to release it since the production and shipping cost would be too high, and I’m not a big company.

How can I make a BJD

I can’t teach you how to make a doll, but there are a lot of tutorials in internet that will help you. My only advice is that you try with different kind of clays until you find the one that is more comfortable to you, that is very important since every person works differently. There are air drying clays like Ladoll or premier; baking clays like Super Sculpey or Living doll; and epoxies like Aves sculpt, milliput and others. If you have no experience in sculpting I would chose Ladoll for the beginning, it is easy to use, cheap, and you can modify it quickly.

What casting company do you use?

You can find a list of casting companies here.

Most of my dolls are casted by Fdoll but I’ve worked with different casting companies (Dollshe, Weiju, Fdoll and Haru) since I like to try all the options. And I would recomend that you do it too since each casting company work different and you should find the one that addapts better to your way or work or your needs.

Shipping methods

Certified Letter / Registered mail

Tracked and signed for at the address of the recipient. Insurance is optional for some countries (at extra cost).

*tracking does not work in the US & Canada.


Paq Standard (insured) /Priority parcel

International home delivery service with priority delivery times with signature & tracking.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Contact me by email as soon as possible. Changing your address in your account does not change the shipping address that appears in the order.

Where is my parcel?

I send parcels using Registered Mail, it has a tracking number and should be track-able in most countries. You can track them in correos.es  and in your country Post website.

* There are some countries like the United States where tracking doesn’t work once the parcel arrives to the country.

If you have no updates of your parcel in 15 days after shipping, pleasecontact me by email.

Most of the times when a parcel takes a long time to arrive, it is in your post office, and you didn’t receive the picking up notice. Please ask in your post office.

International import duties & taxes

We are located in Spain, in the European Union. There won’t be Customs fees for EU customers.

International customers might have to pay Customs fees, that depends on your country law, and those charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

Contact me by email if you have any special request about the shipping.

What payment methods do you accept?
  • Paypal
  • Stripe (Credit card, ApplePay Google pay, and more)
  • Bank wire transfer

 Layaway: 1 month (divided in 2 installments)

  • First payment must be mad within 24 hours after placing your order (by credit card or bank transfer)
  • For second payment you can pay it directly in your account “orders” page, at any time (within 30 days afer placing your order. You will receive a reminder by email in 30 days but you also can pay the remaining amount sooner if you prefer).
  • Payment options are: bank transfer and credit card (including debit card, ApplePay and Google Pay)

Layaway payments are non-refundable. If you can’t pay the last installment on time please contact me.

Can I cancel or return my order?

Since these dolls are an art product limited in numbers and made by request, cancellations are not possible. Please take it in consideration before to order.

I have checked personally all the dolls one by one all the dolls and they have passed the quality standards.

Unpaid layaway orders

I can’t refund layaway deposits.

I usually send several invoice reminders before to cancel an order, so if for some mayor reason you need to delay your payment, please contact me to let me know. If not I will have to cancel your order if it is unpaid.

Still have a question?

Contact me by email and I will be glad to answer your doubts.

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