*Important: These are a few comparisons of LittleRebel dolls resin colors with other companies.

Since the dolls are handmade and produced at different times, each batch can be slightly different in color. Also I have used different casting companies since 2011.

Color comparison

color: NORMAL, YELLOW-normal, peach
  • LR NORMAL is similar to: Fantasydoll pale normal, Luts normal, IOS normal, DZ pink (*sometimes), Switch, Loongsoul Yellow,… and most normal skin colors that have a very pale pink tone.
  • LR PEACH is: Harucasting peach (similar to LR normal but slightly more orange. *only Kai 1st version was casted in this color)
  • LR YELLOW is similar to: Fantasydoll normal, Popodoll normal, Spiritdoll normal… also can match Luts, Volks, Switch, loongsoul normal skin from previous years, especially if the bodies have a yellow tone.

  • LR GREY is: Fantasydoll #12 special color.

New Artist Cast

(Noelle colors)

PEACH (similar to my previous “normal”, Luts normal, switch nromal)

SAND (similar to Luts brown, Myoudoll coffee)

CARAMEL (similar to my previous tan, Dollfamily-H tan)

CHOCOLATE (new color, I’m not sure what it matches yet!)


*comparison pictures soon*