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I need to update this with more recent photos and comparisons.

If you want to help and send me your comparison pictures of my dolls with other company dolls for resin comparison, I would be very grateful, thanks!

Artist cast dolls

Since March of 2020, due Covid19 and confinement, I started to make resin cast of my dolls at home with my couple.

Although we don’t have a professional vacuum casting machine, we do our best to offer the best quality possible, and we put all our love in bringing to life our creations.

Thank you so much for your support and your trust in my work!

  • PEACH (is similar to my previous “normal”, Fdoll pale-normal, Luts normal, switch normal, etc.)
  • SAND (is a pale tan color, similar but a bit paler than Luts brown or Myoudoll coffee)
  • CARAMEL (similar tone to my previous tan but a bit darker and more rich in color)
  • CHOCOLATE (new color, I’m not sure what it matches yet)
  • MILK WHITE (is similar to my previous “white”, Fdoll white, Dollzone, and similar white dolls with an ivory tone)
  • SILVER GREY (it is a bit paler and less bluish than my previous grey.)
  • RED (limited edition color)

Professional casted dolls

Since I started offering my dolls in 2011, I’ve used several casting companies (Dollshe, Fdoll, Weiju and Harucasting).

Please take into consideration that the colors are not always the same.

Comparison photos

*Important: These are a few comparisons of LittleRebel dolls resin colors with other companies.

Since the dolls are handmade and produced at different times, each batch can be slightly different in color. Also, I have used different casting companies since 2011.

LR NORMAL (fantasy doll pale-normal: similar to Luts normal, IOS normal, DZ pink *sometimes, Switch, Loongsoul Yellow,… and most normal skin colors that have a very pale peach tone.

LR PEACH (Harucasting peach): similar to LR normal but slightly more orange. only dolls casted in this color are Kai 1st version, and André 2nd version.

LR YELLOW-NORMAL (Fantasydoll normal & Harucasting volks) (similar to Popodoll normal, Spiritdoll normal, Volks… also can match Luts, Switch, loongsoul normal skin from previous years, especially if the bodies have a yellow tone).

LR BROWN is: Fantasydoll custom color (very similar to tan but more opaque)

LR TAN is: Fantasydoll #17 special color.

LR GREY is: Fantasydoll #12 special color.