André preorder (updates)

Hello, I just want to add some info for those of you who preordered André head in February/March.

I’m still awaiting the EMS parcel with André heads to arrive from Korea (harucasting). It was shipped on May 12th and there are no updates yet. I guess everything is still very slow due Covid.
I thought that I could ship orders in May, but it seems that it won’t be possible because even if the parcel arrives to Spain by next week, the Customs will hold it for a week until I send the paperwork and pay the fees.

I’m sorry to make you wait a bit more. Delays by the casting company and in the shipping are out of my control -_-

pd: I’m not posting too much lately because I’m working on the msd doll all the time. I hope to show you some pics soon :D


last update: June 6th 2021

the parcel has finally completed the Customs procedure, and it should arrive to me within the next days.


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