Due recent sad events, the bjd hobby suffered another hard attack from Chinese “recasters”, who not only have been selling illegal counterfeit dolls for years, now they also want to stole the brand names (trademarks) of the real bjd artists to keep them out of the Chinese markets and also from other international markets by not being able to sell their own work under their own brand name! This is so wrong and sad that I really ask you to think about it, about the damage that the customers of counterfeits dolls have done to the hobby and to the artists.

BJD are not made by big companies, they are art dolls made by small studios or by single artists. If you want to buy a BJD, search them in the original artists website. Most dolls sold on Aliexpress, ebay or Amazon are fake!! Please don’t buy “recast” dolls. You are really hurting this hobby and you are contributing to destroy it.

If you want to read more about the subject I invite you to read Musume’s blog post about it.


PD: When I read some of those recast/counterfeits dolls supporters it really breaks my heart. They are so selfish trying to convince themselves that they are hurting no one, and that they are the victims of bullying from legit dolls collectors. No! We artists are the victims of your bullying. You are stealing our work, you are making us live with fear, we are sad and depressed with this situation.  It doesn’t matter how much you try to convice yourself that you are not doing something wrong, if you buy counterfeits you are commiting a crime and your are ruining some artists life only so you can have the doll you want cheap. How would you feel if someone would do the same to you? Think about it. It is never late to learn from mistakes and to try to be a better person.

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