B-grade dolls

Hello my dear friends, I have some interesting news.

Many of you have asked me during these years If I would sell the dolls that I discarded (because they had some minor flaws), because you would be happy to adopt them for a discounted price. And after thinking it a lot, I decided to offer a small amount of B-grade dolls for sale from time to time. Only the ones that are good enough quality and with small defects that don’t affect the original look of the doll.


Please understand that BJD are a handmade item so it is very difficult to make them perfect. There is always a small amount of minor flaws that are not considered as defects, if they are almost no noticeable and they are not in the face of the doll. Those would be considered “A-grade dolls”.


I consider “B-Grade dolls” those whose flaws are a bit more noticeable.

B-Grade dolls can include (one or more):

  • Slightly different color or resin marbling (different tone, test colors, prototypes, wrong mixing, etc).
  • Visible sanding marks
  • Rough sanding marks (inside).
  • small dents inside the lips
  • Small dots or color marks in the resin
  • Small bubbles
  • Faceup samples (dolls I painted for promo pictures that might have some of the minor flaws described above)

This means that some dolls might be perfect but were made in a slightly different color tone than the rest of the batch; some dolls might have one or more flaws; some dolls might be perfect in the outside and have the flaws inside; others can have the flaws more visible. I will consider all them equal as “B-grade”, with same reduced price, and it will be described in the certificate as a B-grade doll.




I hope this news makes more people able to get my dolls. I was really sad for me to have to discard dolls that were almost perfect just because a small flaw that some times wasn’t even visible, or that no one would notice except me. I’m a bit too obsessed with perfectionism and it gives me anxiety most of the time to think that my work “is not good enough”.  Sometimes I forget that the thing that makes me happy about making dolls is to make other people happy with them, and to inspire other people and see them being creative with their dolls. Dolls doesn’t need to be technically perfect to be unique and awesome, that is something that the owner will do.


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