Mini-Kamu 1st release!

First release: 2019 February 16th, 12:00h CET

I’m glad to announce the release of my first “msd” size head. By popular request I made a mini version of my Kamu head. It was scaned and reduced by 3d but I had to re-sculpt and change some details on the printed prototype so he is not identical to the SD size Kamu version (all my dolls were hand-sculpted and not designed by 3d, so making smaller version of them is not easy or cheap, and I don’t have plans to make more of them by now).

I’m quite new with “msd” size dolls and I can’t offer much information or comparison with other companies doll bodies (Please understand that I as a doll collector only have 2 msd size bodies to compare them with my mini-Kamu head, but that doesn’t mean at all that they are the best options or the only possible match for this head).


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