Project: Ángel

I want to talk a bit about this project, which I started at the beginning of 2018… more than 3 years ago, wow. You know I have a thing for androgynous faces and dolls, and I wanted to create and androgynous and elegant body. I chose to make it in 1/4 size because it was easier to handle and easier to play with it too.

It took me so long to finish him because I’ve been working in other doll heads in this time, and also I had to work on preorders, faceups and other things in order to pay the bills… making a full doll just take too much time, and even more to me that keeps changing my mind every day, and decides to re-sculpt every piece several times. I even decided to sculpt some pieces that were already made in clay, in 3d from the beginning (like the arms, knees, elbows, and feet), and I had to learn 3d sculpting in the process and to buy a 3d printer. Lol


Also I sculpted lots of different heads until I find the perfect face for him. It is my first head made in 3d, so it took me a while to find the balance between what I see on the monitor and the results once it is printed.

My couple has been a huge help, not only because she is my muse and model, but also because she bought a resin printer, and she is the one who has printed the head, feet, and hands for me.

This doll is made of a lot of different materials… the torso was made in Ladoll clay, legs are made of apoxie clay, arms and joints are printed in PLA, and hands, feet and head are printed in resin. That happens when you keep re-sculpting pieces, because originally the doll was made entirely in ladoll clay. It is going to be a bit troublesome for casting because some materials are fragile while others are very hard.


In the future I plan to add more options for the torso, to make it female, trans, hermaphrodite, or whatever you decide it to be.

These are some pictures of the body on an early stage, when I was testing pose-ability

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